What gets analysed?Edit

When an analyst looks at a system, what are they actually doing? What actually is this system that they look at?

A system is a set of interacting or interdependent entities forming an integrated whole. Another way of looking at it is, a system is a collection of parts that interact with each other to function as a whole. [1]

When an analyst looks at the underlying system, they can identify nine characteristics of a system. These characteristics are:

  •         Components: The parts which make up the system and subsystems
  •        Interrelated Components: components with a dependence on one or more subsystems
  •        A boundary: The line that marks what is inside and what is outside the system; sets the system apart from its environment
  •       An objective: overall goal or function of the system
  •       An environment: everything external to the system which interacts with the system
  •       Interfaces: points where the system meets its environment or where subsystems meet each other
  •        Input: things taken from the environment to fulfil its purpose
  •        Output: things returned to the environment to fulfil its purpose
  •      Constraints: limits to what a system can accomplish; both internal and external




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